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Raf by Raf Simons Statue Sleeveless Sweatshirt, M


Excellent condition.

Raf Simons' Autumn/Winter 2001 "RiotRiotRiot" and Spring/Summer 2002 "Fear Generation" collections are known for the iconic patchwork designs that have made Simons synonymous with the trends that other designers are just getting into today. However, the mid 2000s gave way for his diffusion line, Raf by Raf Simons, to repurpose and reimagined the designs that had brought him to such critical acclaim, but with a different story. Most notably, "New Tribes" featured patchwork pieces that alluded to a new society created out of rebellion. Buildings, cities, flags and various other community signifiers were pictured alongside the slogan "Raf Simons for New Tribes." This sleeveless crewneck sweatshirt comes complete with similar distressed patchwork details found in both the aforementioned "RiotRiotRiot" and "Fear Generation" collections, but with statues that would be embraced in Simons vision of urban planning.

Labeled size: 48
Shoulders: 25"
Chest: 21"
Length: 24"